DAY 3: Do we really Choba-need this?

After my double-dose of bagels and munchkins yesterday, I figured that I should go light today and sample some pumpkin yogurt.  
DAY 3: Do we really Choba-need this?
Items: Chobani Limited Batch Blended Pumpkin Spice Yogurt
Cost: $1.00
Purchase Location: ShopRite

I eat greek yogurt pretty regularly, so I was excited when I saw that Chobani would be selling a pumpkin spice flavor for the fall. Their flavors are usually on-point, so I had some high hopes for this review.
[Me, going through my checklist]
Pumpkin on the package?
Orange colored?
Smell of pumpkin spices?
Tastes like…. Lemon?
Wait, what?

Yes, this yogurt is very sweet and very citrusy. On my first bite, I reacted like a baby trying lemon for the first time. It was such a strong flavor that I actually had to double check to make sure that it wasn’t spoiled. It wasn’t, but the mystery was solved when I read that lemon juice concentrate is one of the ingredients.

I took a minute to clear my palate with coffee and vigorously stir my yogurt cup to see if I just hadn’t mixed up the flavor enough. Luckily, that helped and I was able to taste some non-citrus flavors as I ate the rest of the cup.

I feel like I shouldn’t be shocked when companies use real pumpkin in their pumpkin spice products, but I am. Chobani included pumpkin puree, and both the texture and flavor came through as a nice background flavor in the yogurt.

However, the spices (cinnamon and nutmeg) didn’t come through much at all. I don’t know if this can be attributed entirely to the lemon, but they were practically invisible.

Honestly, I really wanted to like this yogurt but I couldn’t get past the overwhelming lemon that blew out most of the rest of the flavors.

Final Rating: 1/5 Pumpkins.

And as for this being a healthy option after all of the sugar yesterday? Healthy is a relative term, because this one serving of yogurt has 12g of sugar. Fun fact: that is 2g more sugar than a Krispy Kreme original glazed donut.



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