DAY 5: Breakfast Biscuits, Consistency: Crunchy

If you are a student, you commute, or have parents that shop at Costco, there is a high likelihood that you’ve grabbed a pack of belVita Breakfast Biscuits on the go. And at some point, I’m sure you’ve probably said to yourself, “Man, this would be so much better if it just had some pumpkin spice.”

Lucky for you, Nabisco agreed.

DAY 5: Breakfast Biscuits, Consistency: Crunchy
Item: Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice belVita Breakfast Biscuits (Box of 5 packages)
Cost: $2.50
Purchase Location: Target

“Celebrate pumpkin spice season with yummy belVita breakfast biscuits in aromatic pumpkin spice flavor”

**Also included in the description: “Consistency: crunchy”
I can’t tell you why I find that last line so amusing, but I do. On an unrelated note: From now on at restaurants, I think I am going to ask for a one-word description of the consistency of each dish before ordering...
belVita biscuits have saved me on multiple occasions. They are portable, taste great, and provide good/sustained energy without being overly sugary or dense. Bonus: Each pack comes with 4 biscuits, so they are easy to share.
These were challenging to find in stores, but I got lucky at Target and spotted a lone box on an endcap. How did I notice a single box? It has a huge, bright orange pumpkin on (almost) every side.
I grabbed a pack for my trip to work today, but had to wait until I got to the office because I didn’t have any water or coffee to combat the debilitating dry mouth that usually accompanies belVita products.
I noticed that belVita showcases sweet potato as a major ingredient in this flavor, so I was curious how this would translate. These biscuits do contain real pumpkin (which can be kind of subtle), so I thought that sweet potato could end up being a dominant flavor over the pumpkin and spices if the ratios weren’t balanced.
Opening the package, I was greeted with the smell of warm cinnamon and spice. But at first bite, I couldn’t really taste anything. Initially, it was just a generic/slightly sweet flavor. But as I kept eating and finished the first biscuit, I could definitely taste something more complete. The pumpkin and spices came through, along with a detectable sweetness and flavor from the sweet potato. Texture-wise, these have the usual, satisfying crunch of crispy belVita biscuits.
Overall, I was really impressed. I came in low and expected them to add too much pumpkin flavor (to match the packaging), but the amount ended up being just right. The pumpkin, spices, and sweet potato offered a very nice and layered flavor profile. Most importantly, they didn’t try to supplement the spices with an artificial flavor to make it more pumpkin-y. Honestly, the only difference between this and their regular cinnamon and brown sugar flavor is the addition of pumpkin and sweet potato (not a knock on this).
Even so, I think that belVita hit a real homerun. This might even be the best pumpkin spice product I've tried.
To clarify: it has a clear pumpkin flavor without being artificial, is not overly sweet, has a good texture, and contains real pumpkin. But mostly, I feel like this is a snack that I could regularly eat outside of pumpkin season without getting tired of it.
Final Rating: 5/5 pumpkins


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