Season 2, Episode 14: Don’t toss these cookies!

Season 2, Episode 14: Don't toss these cookies!

I feel like “onomatopoeia” is one of those words that everyone knows but many people don’t actually know what it means.

Onomatopoeia, scientifically, is one of the most fun words to speak but least fun to spell. By definition, it is when a word is formed from a sound that it is associated with. If that doesn’t help this make sense, let me give you a few examples:


And most importantly for today’s review… CRUNCH.

So now that you’ve learned, you won’t ever forget. At least you better not, or I’ll be really disappointed.

DAY 14: Lucy’s Pumpkin Patch Cookies

Item: Lucy’s Pumpkin Patch Gluten-Free Cookies
Purchase Location: Whole Foods
Cost: $4

So you may be asking yourself, “Why is he doing so many Whole Foods items in a row?” Well I went on a little bit of a pumpkin bender at WF on Friday, and I’m still working my way through the haul.

I came across these while going through the snack aisle, but I was a little hesitant because they are: gluten-free, vegan, milk-free, and egg-free. While I have sampled snacks/baked goods of a similar nature before, they have been hit-or-miss for me. Plus now I’m 2 bad tastings in to my Whole Foods shopping and I’m nervous this is going to be more of the same.

BUT cookies are cookies! It takes a lot to make them un-delicious.

Checking out the ingredient list, it appears that they substituted regular flour for oat, chickpea, potato, and tapioca. I have cooked with most of these, and the texture and body of the resulting products come out pretty close to regular flour-based products! Also, it contains real pumpkin, cane sugar (thank goodness), and real spices.

Why I am I so hyped about cane sugar? Well because a lot of these healthy-choice products tend to add stevia or other artificial sugars in place of cane because they want it to appear healthier. The tradeoff is that they often will have a terrible aftertaste or come out over-sweet (artificial sweeteners have a much higher sweetness by weight than regular sugar).

So (at least through the ingredient list) this is shaping up to be a potential hitter of a product.

Before opening the package, I took a second and appreciate the tiny pumpkins that they’ve decorated the bag with. They are v precious. Cutting open the package, the smell of pumpkin and spices is muted. The cookies themselves are bite-sized and are not greasy or anything to the touch.

They’re a little too small to bite into without having them crumble, so I just popped in a whole one and went to town.

Ok so wow. These are delicious. The flavor is spot on, the level of sweet is perfect, and there is a great aftertaste. I am amazed at how good these are for being everything-free!

But let me just say, the best part of these is the CRUNCH. These things have perfect texture and there is a satisfying crunch when you bite into one. I think that may be my favorite part of this! And this is amazing considering that they had to use xanthan gum as a substitute for gluten. The replacement usually doesn’t work this well.

Overall, I really like these cookies. I ate about a half-dozen with my morning coffee, and I could have probably eaten the rest of the bag if I had no self-control.

Beyond their inevitable 5/5 rating, I’m going to give these cookies the high praise of being another one of the products that I would love to have year-round.

Lucy, please.

Final rating: 5/5 pumpkins!

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