Season 2, Episode 25: The Pumpkin Clif

Season 2, Episodes 25-27: A Whole LOTTA Pumpkin

So at this time last year, I was struggling to make it through the end of the challenge because I was so burnt out from all of the pumpkin spice I had been sampling. 28 days in, my taste buds were shot and I just wanted to quit.

And this year is no different - my taste buds are GONE and I just want to eat some non-pumpkin spiced snack foods!

But then something happened that reminded me WHY I do what I do.

A friend of mine, Michael (Hi Mike!) told me that he was at a store and was trying to decide whether or not to buy a specific pumpkin spice product. Naturally, he checked my blog for reference, but could not find a review for that specific item.

So he bought it uninformed...and it was terrible.


So I am going to channel this guilt I feel in to today’s 3 part review.

So the past 3 days have been really rough with studying, but I decided to take a break, watch some Sunday Night Football and catch up. Since a 3-part review would take forever and a day, I’m going to do these reviews a little shorter (but just as fun).

Here. We. Go.

Season 2, Episode 25: The Pumpkin Clif

ITEM: Clif Bar Spiced Pumpkin Pie
Purchase location: Target
Cost: (6-pack) $5.99

So when buying pumpkin spice products, I try not to buy things in bulk if I can help it (just in case it ends up being gross). But I had no such luck with these Clif Bars. Seriously, I tried every health food store, grocery store, or bodega I could find. Nothing. Everyone only had them in packs of 6!

I caved once I realized that since they were a limited edition flavor, it was unlikely that they would sell them individually. Mostly because they know that people like me will take the dive and buy the whole box if we’re REALLY interested.

These better be good.

Checking out the ingredients, not only do these bars contain real pumpkin, but ALSO: real ginger, cinnamon, clove, AND nutmeg. That’s pretty impressive for any one product.

Opening the package, there is a nice orange tinge to the bar, another visible indication of the use of real pumpkin. But it looked so plain, and I couldn’t figure out why...until I realized that the bar was upside down. Once I flipped it over, there was a nice drizzle of what looked like spiced cocoa butter (nice touch).

The bar had a pleasant aroma of pumpkin spices to it. Biting in, the spices hit you before the pumpkin, but it’s not bad. They are pretty balanced and true to taste since they used real ingredients.

The pumpkin has the nice mellow flavor it should, and rounded out the whole thing nicely. I really liked how well the flavor held up throughout the whole bar. It finished strong, without any funny aftertaste.

Clif Bar really executed this well!

Final rating: 5/5 pumpkins!

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