Season 2, Episode 27: How do you even spell “Madeleines”?

Season 2, Episodes 25-27: A Whole LOTTA Pumpkin

So at this time last year, I was struggling to make it through the end of the challenge because I was so burnt out from all of the pumpkin spice I had been sampling. 28 days in, my taste buds were shot and I just wanted to quit.

And this year is no different - my taste buds are GONE and I just want to eat some non-pumpkin spiced snack foods!

But then something happened that reminded me WHY I do what I do.

A friend of mine, Michael (Hi Mike!) told me that he was at a store and was trying to decide whether or not to buy a specific pumpkin spice product. Naturally, he checked my blog for reference, but could not find a review for that specific item.

So he bought it uninformed...and it was terrible.


So I am going to channel this guilt I feel in to today’s 3 part review.

So the past 3 days have been really rough with studying, but I decided to take a break, watch some Sunday Night Football and catch up. Since a 3-part review would take forever and a day, I’m going to do these reviews a little shorter (but just as fun).

Here. We. Go.

Season 2, Episode 27: How do you even spell “Madeleines”?

ITEM: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Madeleines

Purchase location: Trader Joe’s
Cost: $2.99

I like to stroll through Trader Joe’s to see if there are products that I can find that I might have missed on the flier. I feel like this also encourages me to try new products and ingredients that I might not usually!

During pumpkin season, however, this is a dangerous proposition, and I end up with a basket full of items when I have a whole bunch at home already.

So as I was turning the corner of the bread aisle yesterday, I came across these madeleines.

Madeleines are some of my favorite cookie-adjacent baked goods. They’re light, flavorful, lemony, and they brighten up any day. The famous Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York has some of my favorite, and you can buy them made-to-order by the bag. It’s really dangerous.

I felt compelled to buy these pumpkin spice madeleines and brought them home to try with my afternoon coffee. Before opening them up, I decided to peek at the ingredients and I was SHOCKED that they not only contain real pumpkin, but real spices as well!

This is amazing. If you’re wondering why I’m so surprised, it’s because mass-produced baked goods usually just end up utilizing flavorings from concentrate for cost reasons. This bodes well for these cookies.

Cutting open the bag was such a treat because my nose was met with a full bouquet of pumpkin and spices.

Biting in, I am AMAZED by how delicious these are. The flavor is just perfectly balanced between the pumpkin and the spices. There IS sweetness, but it’s not overwhelming. The texture was spongy, light, and didn’t dry out my mouth at all! I say this because I ate two before realizing that I hadn’t tried them with my coffee yet!

These are fantastic and I might go back to get more.

Final rating: 5/5 pumpkins. And BONUS commendation for most surprising review of the season so far.

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