Season 2, Episode 4: A Prescription for Pumpkin

Season 2, Episode 4: A Prescription for Pumpkin

I’m going to level with you here. The past three days have been rough, but not because of all the pumpkin spice. I’m a student again and I have been a tight on time. As a result, meals tend to just be whatever is fastest and snacks cycle between my need for healthy sustenance and comfort food.

So today, after a solid three days of sweet pumpkin products, I have decided to go the healthy route.


Day 4: A Prescription for Pumpkin

Cost: $1.99
Purchase Location: Trader Joe’s
Manufacturer’s Description:
Smooth pumpkin, blended together with warming hints of cinnamon and cloves will remind you of your favorite pumpkin pie. You’ll want to stock up on this flavor before it disappears until next fall.

Confession time: I’ve been squeamish about RXBars. While I can really appreciate the simplicity of the ingredient list, there's just something about uncooked egg whites in the bar that puts me off a little. But after searching online and failing to find a single RXBar related death, I figured they were safe.
As advertised, the ingredients were simple - egg whites, cashews, almonds, cinnamon, clove, pumpkin, and “natural flavors”. Right away, I’m so happy that this contains REAL pumpkin, REAL spices, and not much (if any) in the way off additives or artificial coloring. But I was surprised that there is no nutmeg! How could RXBar leave out the third pumpkin spice amigo??

Opening the package, the smell of the pumpkin spices came through gently, and you could see the seasonings distributed evenly amongst the slightly orange surface of the bar.

I crossed my fingers and took a bite.

At first taste, the bar is pretty good! The taste of the spices are clear and distinct enough where you can pick them out individually. Related: I think that there is something to be said about using real clove, cinnamon, and pumpkin in any PS product because it just tastes better. Nothing beats the real thing. As for the other ingredients, the sliced almonds added a nice texture contrast to the more smooth blended dates and pumpkin.

But there is one thing I noticed that I wasn’t so jazzed about: This bar is STICKY to the touch and while chewing. My jaw had to work double time and I drank a bunch of water, but I was able to (happily) finish the bar. This was NOT unexpected because one of the main ingredients (date) is very tacky, but still - this was even more than I could have imagined!

Overall, I’m surprised by how much I liked this. I didn’t even notice the egg whites! Even though my teeth were stuck and jaw tired, the taste was so on point that I did not mind at all. The real ingredients and dynamite taste won major points for me.

Another bonus - this kept me full for a few hours without feeling stuffed or heavy. I might get some more for my longer studying sessions. Maybe other flavors beyond pumpkin spice?

Who am I kidding, they’re going to all be pumpkin spice.

Final Rating: 5/5 pumpkins.

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