Season 2, Episode 6: Oh God(iva), why am I still doing this?

Season 2, Episode 6: Oh God(iva), why am I still doing this?

Growing up, Godiva was the “fancy chocolate” you would get or give as a gift, but never actually bought for yourself because it was so expensive. As an adult, I feel like that still holds true. 


As a (free)  “Godiva Rewards Member” you get 1 complimentary piece of chocolate every month at any Godiva store. Luckily, I signed up in high school when I got my first proper email address and was excited to sign up for things and it never expires! 

So when I heard that Godiva was again offering a pumpkin spice truffle this fall, I made a trip to the closest shop to use this perk to my advantage.

As an added bonus, I was given a free pumpkin spice “Godiva G Cube” on my way out! (double review!)

DAY 6: Godiva Pumpkin Spice Truffle and Pumpkin Spice G-Cube
Item: Godiva Pumpkin Spice Truffle and Pumpkin Spice G-Cube
Purchase Location: Godiva Chocolatiers
Cost: $0
Manufacturer’s Description:
Pumpkin spice ganache in a milk chocolate shell. Too good to be a trick, it's always a treat.
We've turned the best Belgian chocolate into the perfect Halloween treat —milk chocolate truffles filled with luscious pumpkin spice ganache. Our new G Cubes are individually wrapped, bite-sized chocolate truffles with a modern "G" design, presented in a sleek, cube-shaped gift box.

First things first, I LOVE the design of the wrapping on this truffle. Aside from orange foil, there is a piece of green felt and a small orange coil of wire on the top of the truffle, making it look like an actual pumpkin with a leaf and vine! It’s clear that Godiva put a lot of work towards making this visually appealing for the season. As for the G Cube, it was pretty standard fare of a basic orange wrapper with “Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice” written on the side.
Opening up each, there were mild tones of pumpkin spice that came through in smell. Instead of biting in, I decided to cut these in half to make it easier to examine the filling. Doing so revealed these to be extremely similar products. Each had a milk chocolate coating of about 1/8 of an inch, with identical pumpkin cream fillings. The filling had clear specks of spices, which suggest that they used real flavorings here!
Based on the description from the site, this was ganache (a mixture of chocolate and cream) infused with the spices. Trying the ganache by itself, it tastes just like a pumpkin pie filling. Unlike the caramel from the other day, the cream in this cut down the sweetness enough to make it easier to taste the pumpkin spices. As for the rest of the taste, there was definitely pumpkin here, but I couldn’t tell if it was real.

I’m still not thrilled by the use of milk chocolate, and the full taste test had a similar outcome as the pumpkin spice caramel squares the other day - the milk chocolate made the assembled product too sweet and fatty.

But at any rate, Godiva nailed the pumpkin spice filling in both of these. And for that, each of these get a final rating of: 4/5 pumpkins!

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